Safe Dating Tips

Top Online Scams

The Internet is a scammer’s paradise. Since there is no direct interaction between two people communicating online there is almost no end to the identities dishonest people can assume, or the situations they can make up, to fool others.

Here are some of the most common scams out there:

Money Scams

These are the easiest to pull off. One variation is the ticket scam. Someone you got to know online from abroad might suggest she come over to see you. The problem is she has no money for a visa and a plane ticket and asks you for it. Then she disappears after she gets the money.

Other scams are the medical emergency scam and the mail order scam which are essentially variations of the modus.

Big Fortune Scams

Someone will email you about sharing a large sum of money. As usual they need a small amount to get the ball rolling. Variations of this scam also include the Nigerian 419 scam where a prominent person asks for your assistance to disburse his fortune, and the Spanish Prisoner scam where someone in jail needs money to bribe jail guards to let him out, after which he will share his vast fortune with you, of course.

Needless to say these people will all disappear after you send them money.

Fake Police Scam

This is pulled off by the more daring of scammers. Most of them scurry to cover after they realize you are on to them; others take the con further. They do this by pretending to be the police in that foreign country where the scammer resides. They will tell you they need some payment before they can arrest him. This alone should ring alarm bells, no police will ever ask for money to arrest a criminal.

The Email Scam

Not all scammers are after money, others can be after information and anything else they can take from you. After you make an online dating profile someone might enthusiastically chat with you, beware if he or she asks for your email address. You might give it and soon find your inbox inundated with marketing email and spam.

Not Real

At the bottom of the pile there are just those people who aren’t who they tell you they are. Take notice of the little things. You should get suspicious if they describe themselves as highly educated yet keep making simple grammatical errors. You should be wary if they describe themselves as 30 years old with over 20 years of experience in their career. You should take note if they refuse to show clear photos of themselves or submit photos that appear doctored or too perfect.

How to Protect Yourself from Online Scams

It’s as simple as being vigilant.

Don’t provide your email address before you’re certain you’re dealing with someone legit. Along this line do not provide sensitive financial information also.

Use a separate address for online dating correspondence so that you can easily deactivate it if you start to get a lot of spam.

Ask a lot of questions. Someone who is being dishonest is bound to make inconsistencies or mistakes sooner or later.

Sexual Assault

In any country rape is still rape. The general view from outside is that Thailand is one of the more licentious countries when it comes to sexual attitudes and behavior. Be sure you don’t fall into this false assumption.

Age of Consent

The Thai age of consent is 18. You might have heard that under Article 279 of the Thai Criminal Code the age of consent in Thailand is 15. However, this has been amended by the Penal Code Amendment Act of 1997 Section 283bis which provides that having sex with a child under 18 is a compoundable offense even if the act was consensual. The current legislation also applies to all regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

The child or the parent of the child may file charges against the offending party if he or she (the child) later regrets getting into intercourse. 

The Amended Rape Law of Thailand 

Before the enactment of the amended rape law of Thailand, it was the Criminal Code of Thailand that was followed in all rape and rape-related cases. 

Section 276 of the same code provides that any person who commits sexual intercourse with a woman who is not his wife, and against the latter’s will, by threatening her, or doing any act of violence, or by taking advantage of her being in a condition where there is less resistance, shall be punished with an imprisonment of 4 to 20 years and a fine which ranges from 8,000 Baht to 40,000 Baht. 

Under the amended rape law, when rape is committed through the use of a gun or explosives or with aid of persons, making their victim vulnerable, the offenders shall be imprisoned for a period of 15 to 20 years and shall be fined with 30,000 to 40,000 Baht. 

The law further states that if the victim of rape is a minor who is not over 15 years of age, whether or not the sexual intercourse was consensual, the offender shall be imprisoned for 20 years and shall pay a fine ranging from 8,000 to 40,000 Baht. 

If the victim is not over 13 years old, the offender shall be imprisoned for 7 to 20 years. If the rape was committed to a minor and the offender was armed with a gun or explosives, the offender shall be imprisoned for life. 

A Strange Twist to the Law 

The law goes on to state that if the victim is over 13 years of age but not over 15, and the sexual intercourse was consensual, and the offender asks the victim to marry him, and the latter agreed, the punishment for the offender shall not be imposed. The punishment shall also not be imposed if when during the trial, the court allows the marriage of the victim and the offender. 

Thai Singles Upholds Respect for Women 

First and foremost be informed that Thai Singles is a website for decent men who want to meet respectable Thai women. If your intentions are less savory, then we suggest you look at other websites.

Sex Trafficking

Beautiful as it is, Thailand has a dark reputation when it comes to human trafficking. A US State Department 2014 report ranks Thailand as a Tier 3 country in term of human trafficking. This means it is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women and children subjected sex trafficking and forced labor, including working under inhumane conditions in garment factories, serving as unpaid domestic helpers, working hazardous jobs or being forced to beg in the streets.

Aside from Thailand itself, other victims of trafficking can come from neighboring countries like Myanmar and Vietnam to as far as China, Russia, Uzbekistan, India and even Fiji. Many don’t have to be persuaded, forced or fooled into being trafficked; some travel to Thailand to actively seek out traffickers in the misguided hope they might actually find a better life. Depending who they end up with their destination countries can be Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Western Europe, South Korea and even the United States.

Fighting Back

The good news is that the Thai authorities are taking a more active role in the fight against human trafficking. Since amending the law in 2008 Thailand has prohibited all forms of trafficking and prescribes penalties ranging from four to 10 years’ imprisonment. These penalties are considered proportionate to those meted for other serious offenses like rape. 

The Thai government has also improved its anti-trafficking data collection, allowing them and international law enforcement bodies monitoring human trafficking access to more accurate reports on prosecutions and convictions involving these cases. 

In 2013 the Thai government reported investigating 674 trafficking cases, up from 306 cases in 2012. A total of 483 suspected traffickers were prosecuted; broken down to 374 for sex trafficking, 56 for forced begging, and the rest for other forms of forced labor. 

Of that total number 225 traffickers were convicted. Most of them received sentences ranging from one to seven years’ imprisonment, while 29 were meted prison sentences over seven years. Another 31 were meted sentences of less than one year in jail. 

For 2014, the government said, 595 victims of human trafficking were identified, 280 cases investigated, 115 cases prosecuted and 104 people convicted.

To combat human trafficking, Thailand gave legal papers to 1.6 million undocumented migrant workers last year. The government said this would make them less vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking and ensure they would not hesitate to ask for help from the government or law enforcement agencies.

Avoid Being Mistaken for a Human Trafficker

If you happen to be accompanying your Thai lady friend out of the country make sure you are both leaving the country legally and through an identified point of exit and entry. Also make sure she has the right documents such as ID cards and a valid passport or visa of the country of destination, where applicable.

If you happen to spot activity similar to human trafficking you should report this to authorities immediately. Thai Singles does not condone or support human trafficking for sex, labor or whatever reason. And neither should you.

Sending Money

Online dating can be a tricky thing. You never really get to see and meet the person first-hand.

The situation gets even more complicated when the person you’re interested in starts asking money for whatever reason. Should you give or shouldn’t you?

Before you even consider sending money, you should know that there are opportunistic people out there who won’t think twice about taking advantage of you. You should also know that the following are their most common tactics.

Common Money Scams

Plane Ticket/Visa Scam

After getting to know a foreign woman online and establishing a relationship she might suggest to visit your country and meet you. The problem is she doesn’t have money for a visa and a plane ticket. Could you possibly give her money so she can come over and see you? After you send her money she disappears, of course.

Take note that scammers have leveled up to new tactics; they will show you copies of “plane tickets” or that “visa” they already have to come see you. However at the last minute they need a large amount of money for the trip. Be sure you don’t fall for this.

Medical Emergency Scam

This is a variation of the plane ticket scam. As soon as she feels she’s gained your trust there will suddenly arise a medical emergency where she or someone in her family needs hospital treatment. As she can’t afford it she asks you for money.

One thing you have to remember is that scammers using this modus have also stepped up their game. They will do a lot of research on certain medical conditions in order to come up with some convincing and real tear-jerker stories.

The Money Order Scam

After someone you met online has gained your trust. She might ask you to cash some money orders since money orders are not accepted where she works. You might not think this is much, since money orders for as little as $20 can easily be sent. However those orders can easily be tampered or altered to show even bigger sums.

Once the victim cashes it and wires the money, the bank usually detects a forged money order and the victim may become liable for the entire amount while the scammer gets away and disappears.

What to Do?

Humans are compassionate, you might get that nagging feeling she is telling you the truth. The best way to put your mind at ease is to go there and see for yourself what her situation is. It might feel going overboard but it’s the best solution you have if you don’t want to walk away.

The bottom line is you should never send money to someone you have never met.

If you are bent on finding out the truth but don’t want to go there you can try hiring a private detective to determine the situation. You may be surprised that many overseas firms offer to do a little digging to uncover the truth. You can hire their services via the Internet, just look them up.

Scam & Spam

Scamming and spamming on the Internet is almost as old as the Internet itself. Unscrupulous people can’t help but take advantage of the Internet for the following reasons:

There Are So Many Potential Victims – The con artists of old had to wait in bars for potential victims, sometimes they had to walk to door to sell them items or to tell them about the latest investments. At other times they had to make dozens of telephone calls before they could land a mark. Now they no longer have to do any of those. To get victims they only have to get online. Anyone with an email address and a bank account is fair game.

There is No Easy Way to Verify their Stories – Swindlers with a glib tongue can easily make up any situation and make it believable; how their mother is suffering from cancer, how he or she is working two jobs to support his or her huge family, how oppressive her parents are and she needs you to take her away from it all. The best part (for them) is that there is no way you can verify for themselves how true these stories are.   

There is some good news though, you can now access news in other parts of the world to keep abreast of what is really happening. Other than that you can also hire private investigators overseas to check on what’s really going on.

They Break No Laws – This was true for a while. However, it did take the law some time to catch up. How was scamming someone in the US a crime in Malaysia? How was taking someone’s bank account numbers in the UK a crime in Russia? The Internet was one big gray area for a long time because crimes involved victims and perpetrators in different continents and under different governments with their own judicial systems. If there was crime committed who take jurisdiction? What penalties would be applied?

It was only in 2001, with the first international Convention on Cyber crime, when the then Council of Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan decided to lay down the foundation for a legal framework in fighting cybercrime.

After that it was also only much recently when the Federal Bureau of Investigation formed its own unit to combat and solve crimes committed via the Internet.

It’s So Easy to Disappear After the Con – This is the Internet we’re talking about. It’s not as if you can reach into the monitor to grab your offender and drag him out to face justice. Your offender can be hundreds of miles away, perhaps even in another country, on even on another continent halfway around the world!

It’s also hard to trace where the crime committed. You might have an IP address, but what about the actual perpetrator’s location? Are you even sure he or she was the person using the IP address at the time?

With so many people out there trying to get something from you and the many ways they can do it, it pays to secure yourself and take all the necessary online precautions all the time.

Profile Creation

On any dating website it’s your profile that encapsulates who you are, your interests and the people you want to meet.  Make sure you come up with the profile that says everything about you in the best way it can.

Tips for Making the Perfect Profile

So how do you go about making the perfect profile? 

Ask a Friend for Help – Sometimes people are not comfortable with writing about themselves and listing their best qualities. What should you do if you’re one of these people? Get a close friend to write it for you; someone who has known you for a long time and whose opinion you value. 

Avoid the Cliché Statements – We’ve all heard it before; those phrases about moonlight strolls by the beach talking about books, that line about line about enjoying fine dining and rogue cinema. Even if you do like to do those things, so does everyone else. Why not open up with statements that can be good conversation topics? 

Choose Action Shots for Your Photos – Posting photos of yourself doing the things you love to do…wait, make that the active things you love to do, tends to impress viewers and present a more positive image of you. And no selfies, they have been done to death with. 

Also, make sure you are smiling in your photos. People seen with a smile will always come across as approachable, cheerful and easy to get along with. You might think you have something going with that “serious look” you want to flaunt, but serious looks are more appropriate for business website profiles. 

Chose a Positive Tone for Your Profile – Being dark and brooding may have appeal to some women, but it’s best to keep this out of your profile. Think of your profile as the dating equivalent of your job application; you don’t want to put anything negative in there. 

List Sociable Hobbies – Those who are looking at your profile are likely imagining how they can fit into your life, or how you can fit into theirs. In this regard it’s better to highlight hobbies you can do with others or as a group, as opposed to something normally done alone. 

Check your grammar – Believe it or not a lot of women today find wrong spelling and grammar a turn-off, especially the use of shortened and truncated words associated with SMS. Be sure to use the right spelling and grammar. If you have no confidence in your editing skills have a friend who does look it over, or you can use your computer’s spell check.

Be Honest – We are sure you’ve heard this many times before, but it has been sage advice over the centuries for good reason. Lying won’t really get you anywhere with the ladies. Are you going to pose as a millionaire, an athlete or someone who travels the world a lot? Good luck with keeping up pretenses.

Take Your Profile Seriously 

Don’t underestimate your profile. Since women can’t see and interact with the real you your profile is actually your best chance to put your best foot forward. The right profile can also help you find the perfect woman for you.

Password Security

You will be required to log in to Thai Singles with the password you create when you make your account. Don’t worry, as a matter of policy, we will never give your password to anyone or use it to our own advantage, but this doesn’t mean you should make it easy for dishonest people out there to be able to find out your password.

It’s important to make a password that is not just easy to remember, make it so that it’s also hard to guess.

Coming Up With the Perfect Password

Here are tips for coming up with the perfect password

Stay Away from Cliché – There was a time people frequently used the word “password” as their password because they could never remember what they came up and can’t be bothered to come up with something complicated. Until now people also still use their birthday numbers because it is something they will never forget. Guess what? Those two are the easiest to figure out so never use “password” or your birthday date for your password.

Don’t Go For Common Words – Next to “password” and your birthday it’s pronounceable words that are easy to figure out, especially if that word is associated with who you are and what you do. The best thing is make a password out of a combination of letter and numbers that can’t be pronounced.

Password Strength – The more characters there are on a password the harder it will be to crack.

Tips on How to Remember Your Password

Coming up with the perfect password is one thing. Remembering it is another thing entirely.

Code Your Own Password – You can come up with creative ways to remember your password. For example you can use mnemonics and assign a word to each character in your password to form a sentence or phrase. An example of a password that can be turned into a mnemonic statement is ih2htlatr which can be turned into the sentence “I have two hands, the left and the right”.

Don’t Change Passwords Too Frequently – We’ve all had those moments, you think you have the password figured out but then it’s actually not that one anymore because you have changed it already. Don’t keep changing your password, change only when needed like when you feel your account is at risk of being compromised.

Constant Repetition – This was something taught to you in kindergarten for good reason. The more you say your password the more you are likely to remember it. However, in this case it’s probably better to keep thinking and reminding yourself about your password, as opposed to saying it out loud.

Another Important Thing About Your Password

Your password should be yours alone; never share it with anyone or else you risk other people logging in using your account and pretending to be you.

We Guarantee Security 

Thai Singles can ensure all the steps will be taken to ensure your account and password will never be compromised. However, we also need help from your end. The stronger your passwords are the harder it will be for others to access your account.

Overseas Travel

Are you eager to travel to Thailand? Here are some helpful tips to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable stay.

Visa Requirements

Citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom and 40 other countries who want to visit Thailand don’t need to have a visa if they go for tourism purposes and don’t exceed a stay of 30 days. However, they must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry into Thailand.

Pick a Good Place to Stay

The good news is that accommodations are actually very cheap in Thailand and there are a lot of places to choose from. Hotels normally charge rates starting at $40 per night while some guest houses offer as little as $7 a night. This gets even cheaper when you move out of the cities and into the countryside where accommodations can go as low as $4 a night. In higher end resorts expect to pay at least $17 per night for a nice room with air-conditioning. The really exclusive resorts charge at least $50 per night.

Enjoy the Local Food

Thai food is famous throughout the world for its certain flavor. Its street food, however, is on a level of its own. You can find food stalls and sidewalk restaurants in Bangkok and all the major cities so you really don’t have to look far to find local food. Be adventurous when it comes to sampling what the locals have to offer. Did we mention the food is also cheap? You can have a good meal for under $1.

Check Out the Night Bazaars 

Thailand has a vibrant nightlife and in many areas in the country when the sun goes down the markets come to life. Browse the stalls for wooden handicrafts, silk shirts and novelty items. Keep looking, you’re sure to find something you want.

Other Useful Tips

  • Thais are mostly Buddhists and they believe a person’s spirit resides in the head; don’t touch the head of any person for any reason, even if you mean it as a joke.
  • Many bars in Thailand have happy hours; ask around about the best to visit.
  • You will find giant portraits of King Bhumibol Adulyadej all over the country. You can have your picture taken with them, but do not treat these images with any disrespect.
  • Taxi drivers are mandated by law to use meters, but many of them will tell you these are broken and will often try to haggle for an exorbitant fixed fare. If you can’t get your way you can always go for a ride on the tuktuk (tricycle).

Enjoy Your Stay in Thailand!

As with traveling to any foreign country, all precautions must be taken. An alert and prepared traveler is a happy traveler. Always be ready with extra clothes in case you decide to extend your stay a day or two, always bring medication just in case your stomach doesn’t agree with the local cuisine and never make yourself an easy target for tourist scams.

Marriage Issues

Have you and your Thai girlfriend decided to marry? Here are some of the marriage issues you should know about before you tie the knot.

Sin Sot: The Thai Marriage Dowry

A dowry might seem archaic to those from the West, but in Thailand some families still observe the tradition of sin sot (bride price).

Sin sot originated from many poor areas of Thailand where young women actively seek out foreigners or western men to marry so that their families can benefit from the bride price.

In some marriages the sin sot is even part of the marriage negotiation.

The good news is that some families now consider the sin sot more traditional than practical. Some families will receive money but later return it for the newly-married couple to use. Remember; some, not all.

This is why it is important to know what background your fiancée comes from. If you aren’t rich, then be careful who you decide to marry, because it might cost you more than you can afford.

If the marriage is to take place abroad it’s essential that your family talks to the girl’s family to discuss the marriage and the sin sot. You can send anyone to represent your family to Thailand, but you can also nominate and pay a Thai elder to act for your family for this purpose. The problem with this situation is how to make sure this person is after your interests and not the interests of her family.

The sin sot has another purpose; it’s supposed to be a “guarantee” of the woman’s virginity, though this isn’t true in all cases. In the course of the marriage, if the woman also turns out to be unfaithful to the man, the sin sot is returned to the husband.

Living Arrangements

By Thai tradition a man who marries a Thai woman moves in with her to take care of her, her family and his in-laws. This way a family home is usually passed on to the daughters, with their husbands also benefiting.

If both of you have decided to move to the US, however, that is a totally different situation.

Financial Support

The thing that most shocks unprepared Westerners most after getting married to a Thai woman is responsibility they now have to their wife’s family and his in-laws.

In Thailand a man who marries a woman is expected to take care of her entire family. This is why finances are the number one problem in Thai and foreign unions.

To Pre-Nup or Not?

Not all marriages are made in heaven, somewhere down the road someone might run out of love or the couple might realize they are better off not together. In this case it is always best to be prepared with a pre-nuptial agreement, even as it sounds selfish to the family of the bride. As they say; better safe than sorry.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Marriage is a big step, even with someone from your race, culture and country. Think about what you’re getting into marrying someone who lives far-off, may not share the same values as you do or believe in what you believe in.

Marriage & Separation

Getting married is such a big step, but people often take it for granted. This is because they are too excited or have been blinded by the fantasy that they fail consider the reality that often follows.


The sad thing is many couples prepare for the wedding, but not marriage itself. If you plan to get married there are so many things you must discuss with your future significant other, here are just some of them:

  • Where to Live. Do you move in with your spouse? Does your spouse move in with you? Do you plan to move somewhere else entirely? Your living location will depend on a lot of factors like where your jobs are and where your families are, your income, etc.

  • Having Kids. This is often a question of when. Do you two want to have kids immediately or do you want to concentrate your relationship as a couple and your respective careers first?

  • Finances. Before you got married each of you lived in the way you were accustomed to. Have you figured out how you can live together on your incomes or do you see your family having one income eventually? Also, does any of you have outstanding debts?

  • Religion. The elephant in the room has to be considered eventually. You might think this isn’t much of an issue when you are still dating. However it will get bigger once you two live together and have children you want to influence.

  • Family Obligations. When two people get married their families are joined. Suddenly you will have a whole lot of new aunts, uncles and cousins. Family is supposed to help each other out when they are in trouble, need money, need shelter or whatnot. You get the picture.

  • Career Paths. It’s important to discuss with your future partner where you are now job-wise and where you want to be. Remember that your career plan goes hand-in-hand with your finances, this is why it must be discussed. Another important reason to discuss career paths is because you never know where it might take you. Your career could have you moving to another state or country, who knows?


Not all marriages work, we know this too often. Sometimes couples see ending the marriage as the only recourse. Is this really the answer? We won’t even to pretend we know what’s best for you in your situation. However there are also things you should consider about before ending a marriage.

  • Can Your Marriage Be Saved? Are your irreconcilable differences really irreconcilable? Can your troubles still be remedied by talking things over? Taking a little break from the daily grind? What about mediation or counseling?

  • What About the Kids? Of course, this is applicable only when you have kids. Children growing up in broken home always seem to carry emotional scars with them. These scars can come from missing the whole family the child is used to or from teasing and bullying by other kids, etc.

Don’t forget there is child custody to consider. You might think you’re getting the short end of the stick, just imagine how difficult that will be for the child.

Can You Divide Your Property Without a Costly Legal Battle? 

If you didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement chances are it will become messy as you two squabble over who gets what.

Getting Engaged

Are you planning to take your Thai fiancée back to your country to get married? Here is some information about what visa you need and what requirements you need to present, or have to have her submit, for that visa.


If you want to take your fiancée to the US you should get her a K1 visa. The K1 visa lets her stay 90 days until you get married, after which she can apply for citizenship. There was also a K3 visa before, but this is no longer being processed. 

You have to file a K1 visa petition at one of the two USCIS Centers that process all of the K visa petitions in the US. The state you live in will determine what center you should visit for this purpose. 

Your Requirements

  • You are a US citizen
  • You have met your fiancée in person within the previous two years
  • You and your fiancée are both legally free to marry
  • You and your fiancée both have a sincere intent to marry within 90 days of her arrival in the US
  • You can meet the minimum income requirement for a K1 visa

Her Requirements

 She has to be of marriageable age and has to submit the following.

  • Duly accomplished K1 application
  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Divorce or death certificate of any previous spouse
  • Police certificate from all places lived since age 16
  • Medical examination results
  • Evidence of support
  • Evidence of valid relationship with the petitioner
  • USCIS-specific photos 

See more details at 


You can have your fiancée apply for a Marriage Visitor visa if you both want to get married in the UK but don’t plan to stay there longer than 6 months. However, if you two have plans to settle there have her apply for a Family of a Settled Person Visa.

Your Requirements

  • Establishment of a stable financial status in the UK
  • Proof of an existing relationship like email exchanges, photos together in various places, money transfer receipts, telephone bills, tickets to Thailand, etc. The relationship must have been going on at least six months, but the longer the better also
  • Proof of your freedom to marry, including proof of dissolution of previous marriage, if applicable
  • A written letter detailing how your relationship started and developed

 Note: Just recently the British Embassy has started requiring a Letter of Intent to marry from a registrar in the UK for the couple. However, since this requires them to be both present at the registrar’s office before this letter is issued, it is advised you contact the municipal registrar in your area about how to go about this.

Her Requirements 

  • A valid passport
  • A passport-sized color photograph
  • Proof that she can support herself during the trip, like bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months
  • Proof of plans for the relationship, like documents to show where she will live
  • Proof she is free to marry or proof of dissolution of previous marriage or death certificate of previous partner

For more details, go to

First Meetings

They say first impressions last. This is true and applies to many things like the first time you meet a pet, the first time you speak in front of your class and the first time you got interviewed for a job.  

First impressions are particularly important in the dating scene. Women are notoriously fickle and picky, and they have every right to be given what’s at stake. You only have one chance to make a good impression, because if you fail to make one during your first meeting you aren’t likely to get a second meeting.

Before you even meet a Thai woman you should know about some of the qualities that make them one of the most respected and sought-after women in the world.

Why You Should Go for Thai Women 

Beautiful – This one is a no-brainer. Thailand has its fair share of the most beautiful women not just in Southeast Asia but also the world. Western men in particular are drawn to their almond-shaped eyes, dark hair and beautiful skin. 

Self-Reliant – Thai women are taught from an early age the value of hard work and usually don’t stop until they can achieve a goal they have set. Even married Thai women do not ask their husbands for anything they can get for themselves.

Thai women are also driven and ambitious, more and more of them are pursuing higher levels of education in different fields of discipline. 

Adaptable – The people of Thailand have a positive reception of foreigners owing to their rich history with other countries and constant exposure to foreign cultures and influences. A Thai woman will not be a total stranger to western mentality and practices and can easily adapt to the quirks and habits of a foreign partner. A Thai woman can also easily adapt to foreign cultures if taken out of the country.

Multigenerational – Thailand is a country steeped in the past yet has a face that looks forward to the future. In many places around the country you can see the old co-existing with the new in many forms; ancient temples in busy urban districts, kids playing with traditional toys and tablets, market that hawk traditional medicines and the latest souvenirs.

This makes the Thai people have an appreciation for the old and the new. Thai women in particular still hold on to conservative customs even as they know how the modern world works.

Make that First Impression Count

Now you know something about Thai women, now it’s their turn to get to know you.

Thai Singles can make sure you meet with respectable Thai women, but the rest is up to you. Nothing makes a lasting impression more than your first meeting; this is why you must take care to put your best foot forward.

We are not telling you to be somebody else or pretend to be someone else, we are telling you to present yourself in the best way you can. As they also say; you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression.

Email Security

At Thai Singles we want you to meet the woman of your dreams, but we also realize that you might have to meet many people before you get to the one who is perfect for you. This is why we suggest taking all precautions regarding security. In particular we advise you to take Internet and email security measures very seriously.

To Give or Not to Give Your Email Address

One of the questions those dating online or seeking people to date online often ask is if it’s appropriate or advisable to exchange emails at an early stage.

So is it a good idea to give your email to someone you met online or should you continue to correspond through a third-party website?

Some people think giving your email address to someone you barely even know is quite acceptable since this will allow for a more intimate level of communication.

Others, however, are more cautious and don’t immediately give out their address since they are worried about some contacts becoming online stalkers or becoming unreasonably possessive. Others are also concerned their email addresses will just be given away to other people like government offices or ad agencies.

What’s the best thing to do in this situation? If you really have to give your email address you can set one address for social correspondence and another for business correspondence. That way you will never have to worry about getting the wrong kind of email in each email address. Plus you can easily abandon a social correspondence email address if your contact becomes a source of trouble or if that account is being targeted by other parties.

Take Those Little Precautions 

There are other steps you can take to improve security, particularly when it comes to your email. 

Choose a Strong Password for Your Email Account – Make it at least eight characters long and include numbers as well as letters. Under no circumstance should you give your email password to anyone.

Always Remember to Log Out – Anyone who can open your email can get access to things like website passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data. After you check your email, always log out. This is most especially important when you check your email using more than one computer. There have been many cases of people becoming victims of pranks, or worse, because they did not log out from a public terminal.

Do Not Click on Suspicious Links – If you feel your email account has been compromised or become the target of a third party don’t click on suspicious emails or links that appear on your inbox.

Your Email Address Will Be Safe With Us

We at Thai Singles assure you any email address you give us will never be shared with anyone for whatever purpose. We will never give your email address to an ad agency, government agency or another dating website. You will never open your email to find it flooded with spam ads or emails from shady individuals because of our doing.

Computer Safety

Dating online can open your computer to a host of security concerns. If your computer becomes compromised getting set up with the wrong person should become the least of your worries. Forget the ugly date; it’s the scammer, the spammers, the cyber stalkers and the people who want your financial details you should be worried about.

This is why you should take every precaution to make sure your PC is protected.

How to Secure your Computer

Use Only Reputable Dating Websites – Before you sign up for any website make sure it is legit. One of the things you should check is the privacy policy. If they don’t have one, best move on to another website. If they have one, be sure to read it very carefully.

Another thing you have to check is who is publishing the website. Find out what other websites that publisher is running and visit them just to be sure. If the other websites check out as legit then you are probably looking at a reputable online dating website. 

Be Careful With the Information You Share – Don’t share any sensitive information like credit card information or which bank you save your money in with others. You should also be concerned about the personal information you share with others and this includes your history. In fact, before you share any information on a dating website think about what you are posting and who you are sharing it with. You should also think about how this will positively or negatively impact on your reputation online. 

Block and Report Suspicious People – Use the tools in your email to block unwanted contacts. Unwanted contacts can be anything from spammers, advertisers to online stalkers. Your online dating website might also have some security features; try using them to your advantage. 

Use Anti-Virus and Firewalls – You never know when your computer will become compromised because of the sites you visit. That’s why it’s always advisable to have an anti-virus program and your firewalls activated. There are now a lot of free and affordable versions of anti-virus programs to be found online. 

Update your OS – Regularly updating your operating system can also help your computer keep out those unwanted programs. Each version of an OS contains codes designed to keep malware out, and enterprising malware designers are always on the lookout for loopholes they can exploit to allow their programs to enter your PC.   

Make Sure Your Wireless Network is Secure – If your computer is connected to the Internet by a wireless network you should be sure that network is well protected. An unprotected wireless network will make it easy for others to have remote access to your computer and all the data in it. 

Thai Singles is as Legit as it Gets

Are you still having doubts about our reputation? We can’t really fault you for taking precautions. In fact, we will laud your due diligence. By all means check out our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. That should be enough to erase all doubts.

Cultural Differences

Thailand may be just a plane ride or two away, but you can say it’s a different world entirely when you refer to culture. One thing you have to understand is that your culture and traditions are not worldwide; other people have their own. Thais might find your cultures and customs as queer and strange as you find theirs.

Dating a Thai Woman

As a rule Thai women don’t casually date. In fact, until recently, a Thai woman would never date a guy unless she considered him a potential husband. You also have to remember that when you date a Thai woman, you just don’t get involved with the woman; you get involved with her entire family.

For some Thai families it is still customary for a single Thai woman never to go on a date alone. In this case there will be a chaperon, but usually this is no longer observed during the second date. 

The Wai Things Are Done 

You might have seen Thais bowing to each other, this act is called the ‘wai’, which is the traditional form of greeting in Thailand. It is usually given by the person with lower social status as a sign of respect.

If a Thai offers you the wai, it is respectful to return it. Do the wai by raising both hands with palms together and fingers pointing then you bow your head until it touches your thumbs.

Dealing with Thais 

Being loud is not the way Thais address each other. Being outwardly polite and respectful is the norm, even in the face of conflict or tough situations. No matter how made you are you’re not supposed to go yelling and screaming. 

Visiting a Local House 

When visiting the house of a Thai for the first time it may be a good idea to bring a gift.

In the west people enter the house with footwear, some Thais wear footwear indoors, some don’t. Take your cue from the host; if he or she is wearing footwear indoors then it might be okay to bring them inside, if the host isn’t then take off your footwear before entering.

If you are invited to a meal eat slowly and leave a little bit of food on your plate to show that you are full, but remember not to leave any rice as this is seen as wasteful. Want seconds? Wait to be invited before you dig in. Also you should never take the last portion of food from a serving bowl, it”s considered rude. 

No Touch! 

Thais have a thing for the head and the feet. For most Buddhists the head is sacred and should never be touched. You shouldn’t even touch the head of statues or paintings.

On the other hand, the feet are the lowest parts of the body, so you should never touch the foot or a person, statue or painting or use your foot to point at anyone or anything. Showing someone the soles of your feet is considered very rude, so never put your feet up on a table. 

Learn the Culture, Earn the Girl

Okay, earning the girl might be a bit stretching it, but the more you understand about her local customs the easily you can adapt to what you find quirky and the more suitable a candidate for a lasting relationship you become.


This is the real world, and, sadly, not all of us are blessed with happy endings. Sometimes even the marriages you thought would last forever end in divorce. What do you do when your marriage to a Thai woman cannot be saved?

Divorce in Thailand 

In Thailand divorce can be coursed through three options, depending on whether the divorce is uncontested (both parties agreed to the divorce) or contested (one party is opposed to the divorce) and if there are custodial or property issues that have yet to be addressed. 

Divorce by Mutual Consent 

In a divorce filed by mutual consent the husband and the wife want the dissolution of the marriage. To end their marriage the couple only need to register their divorce at the District Office where they registered for their marriage or the Register Office of the province where they or the Thai woman lives. 

What if the husband is a foreigner? As long as the marriage was registered in Thailand the same steps apply. The woman will have to bring documents such as the marriage certificate, her national ID and house registration certificate, while the foreign husband will have to being his passport. 

For the sake of expediency, a divorce certificate is usually issued on the same day, but this is only if both parties have already agreed how to divide their conjugal assets and properties and how to go about child custody, if they have any children. 

Divorce by Court-Approved Settlement 

This is usually the avenue taken when a couple mutually consents to divorce but have yet to settle issues like the division of marital assets, child custody, visitation right, and spousal and child support. In this case it will be the court that determines who gets what and both parties are bound to obey the decision of the court in this regard. 

Divorce by Thai Family Court 

A Contested Divorce, or a divorce where one party is not willing to end the marriage, is settled in Thai Family Court. A trial will take place where the party seeking divorce has to present evidence to convince the court why the divorce is necessary. The final decision will be made by the court.

For Marriages Outside Thailand 

What the foreigner married his Thai wife outside Thailand? The first thing the foreigner has to check is if the marriage was reported at the District Office where his soon-to-be ex-wife lives. If it’s also reported there and both parties agreed to dissolve the marriage then the normal process of divorce by mutual settlement is followed. 

If the marriage took place outside Thailand and was not reported in the District Office where the wife lived, it has to be reported there first.  The District Office will also need a copy of the marriage certificate issued in the country where the couple got married translated into Thai. 

This translated Thai marriage certificate needs to be legalized first at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be certified that it is accurate and correctly translated. After that has been accomplished the marriage certificate is returned to the District Office where divorce proceedings can now be registered.

Long Distance Meetings

Sometimes meeting a woman you’re interested in face-to-face is not always immediately possible. Chatting and exchanging emails is one thing, the next best thing is for you two to communicate via the Internet in a real-time conversation. There are now many tools that allow this form of communication even between two people on opposite sides of the globe.

What are things to remember when before and when you finally “meet” someone online?

Agree on a Schedule That Benefits You Both

There is a big time difference in southeast Asia and the United States and the United Kingdom. So when you have dinner they are having breakfast. When you are getting ready for work they are usually getting ready for bed, and vice versa. The best thing for you two is to work out a schedule that is best for both of you. The last thing you want to happen is appearing uninterested in her when the truth is you’re actually barely able to keep your eyes open, or when she fails to laugh at your jokes because she’s just far too sleepy to get it.

Use a Good Messaging Tool

There are now a lot of programs and apps that allow for real-time conversation. Make sure you pay for the full version though. Sticking with the premium versions even with something as important as this will have major disadvantages for you; for one thing it will make you come across as cheap and for another premium versions often have connectivity issues.

Be Sure to Use Reliable Equipment

Spring for a good pair of headphones so you won’t have trouble making out what your partner is saying. Its microphone is also more sensitive than anything built into your computer so she can hear your voice more audibly. It also pays to have a reliable and high-resolution webcam to make sure you are seeing her clearly.

Mind Your Manners

Think of an online interaction as something like a date. And it’s probably right to consider it so; just because you aren’t taking her out to the dinner and the movies doesn’t mean she isn’t evaluating your behavior and attitude. The more she likes you on the “first date” the likelier she’ll agree to talk to you again.

Don’t Make It a One-Way Conversation

Don’t just talk about yourself; draw her out into the conversation. Needless to say it helps to do some research about her country, customs and cultures and the latest happenings there. This is so that you don’t get lost in case she talks about the news there, and also so that you have a wider range of topics to talk about with her.

Feel free to ask her about her personal life and history, but take care not to be so probing and intrusive. Be sure to stay away from taboo topics too; remember that all cultures have subject matters that are off-limits.

Meet Your Perfect Match at Thai Singles

At Thai Singles we can arrange for you to meet the woman of your dreams, but from there the moves are up to you, Romeo.

Local Meetings

Have you and your Thai lady friend have finally decided to meet face to face? How should you go about it? What are the things you should know regarding how to act around or treat a Thai woman?

First up, remember the following:

  • Many Thai women traditionally go to nightspots for a good time. It’s not in their culture to go there for the sole purpose of meeting men; that idea is a recent one brought about by western influences. 
  • Thai women are very polite and nice, even when they aren’t interested in you. So you might have a hard time telling that they want you to leave them alone. 
  • The Thai women of today are more educated and driven than ever and many of them who have just finished college are likely to be more interested in getting a high-paying job or pursuing further education than dating.

Tips for Meeting Thai Women 

Now that you know the basics, here are some tips to help you around Thai women. 

Hygiene is a Must – Asian women are particularly fussy about hygiene. So if you come to her smelling like you haven’t bathed or brushed your teeth since you arrived in Thailand you’ve probably blown any chance you might have had with her.

It’s also worth mentioning that Thai women don’t generally go for facial hair; even stubbles might turn them off. So it’s better if you shave off all facial hair completely. 

Dress Your Best – Your personal hygiene is one thing but the clothes you wear also tells volumes about you. It won’t hurt to dress up for the part. There’s really no need to look like a male supermodel or blend in to look like one of the locals, just be sure you look decent enough to be able to take her to the fancier places. 

Smile – Thailand prides itself in having lots of fun things to do and it also wants visiting foreigners to have a good time. So appearing glum, dark and brooding is a big no-no. Plus it just makes you seem unapproachable. 

Be Confident – All women, not just Thai women, are turned off by a man who lacks assertiveness and confidence and one who always looks to her to make the decision. As you go about your date you should always already know where you want to take her, have an idea what to order, etc. Needless to say’ it’s important to do the necessary research.

Hide Those Tattoos – In the Thai mindset, tattoos are still the brands of convicts and criminal gangs. The newer generation Thais might be more accepting of tattoos but remember that Thai culture is still generally conservative. You might be proud of your ink, but it’s best to show her first that you’re a decent person before you show her the tats.

Don’t Generalize Thai Women

Not all women are the same, there are always those who don’t fit the mold or follow the crowd. We are not saying that if you follow the tips above you will automatically earn the acceptance of a Thai woman. However, they will increase your chances she’ll find you a farang worthy of pursuing a relationship with after all.

Identity Theft

Of all the crimes that can be committed against you online nothing is more damaging than identity theft. You don’t only become a victim, in the worst case scenario you can become a suspect.

What is Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone assumes your identity, pretending to be you in order to get credit and other benefits in your name. They can also use your identity to get ID or credit card numbers and bank account numbers.

In other cases thieves who successfully stole identities used them to commit fraud, crime and even make illegal transactions.

Identity theft can be committed using both low-tech and hi-tech means.

Low-Tech Identity Theft

In low-tech identity theft the perpetrators get your personal information via the trash you leave out in the dumpster, your ATM pin just by looking over your shoulder and even your spending habits by checking what’s in your mailbox.

They can also call you up by phone pretending to be someone from your bank, asking about your bank account number or other information.

Hi-Tech Identity Theft

The most common method of hi-tech identity theft usually involves:

Smishing – This is when they send SMS to you pretending to be someone from your bank or any company you deal with and asking you for personal or financial information.

Phishing – Also called “spoofing,” phishing involves the use of spam emails to fool consumers into revealing personal and financial information. 

These seemingly legitimate emails request information, often asking you to verify or re-confirm confidential passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, and other sensitive information. 

Those who perpetrate phishing go to such lengths as to try get the email to look like it was sent by companies that you are familiar with and deal with on a regular basis.

Spear Phishing – This is just like Phishing, only that it’s more elaborate and sophisticated since the email is designed to bypass filters and firewalls. 

Pharming – Also called site cloning, this is when fraudsters go as far as to create a website to mimic the ones that you are used to and deal with in order to steal personal, financial and sensitive information. They also send emails that direct you to this fraudulent website.

How to Prevent Online Identity Theft 

Don’t Give Too Much Information Away on Social Media – Social media is a great place to share information. Just be reminded that personal, financial and bank account information isn’t the type of info that should be shared online. 

Use Strong Passwords for Your Websites – Use passwords that are hard to figure out. Stay away from your birthday numbers. You might be tempted to use one password for all of websites for easy recall, but remember if one fraudster is able to hack your password he can get into all the sites you deal with, in your identity. 

Don’t Respond to Suspicious Emails – If the email doesn’t seem to be from a company you deal with, delete it immediately.

Upgrade Your Anti-virus – Phishing email gets through because they take advantage of loopholes in your AV or firewalls. You should also know that malware designers also keep up with the latest updates, so the more updated your AV is the more phishing emails are blocked.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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