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When you use Thai Singles website, you hereby expressly agree to be automatically bound by this privacy policy. This privacy policy shall be the primary document which will govern the use of your information which is collected through the site. Whenever you use the site of the Company, you hereby agree to authorize the Company to collect and gather your personal information either from the information which you voluntarily provided, or from other possible sources such as advertisers, contractors, the internet, social media, mailing lists, etc.

Inherent to the nature of the services of the Company, it would be difficult if not impossible for the site to deliver its intended services if you will not reveal your full name or authentic details. By registering or using the website, you agree that you will only provide authentic, correct, and up to date information regarding yourself. In no case shall you provide any inaccurate information or pseudonyms.

With your convenience in mind, and in order to experience the full features of the site of the Company, you are hereby encouraged to enable your cookies. These cookies will enable the site and the Company to recognize your particular computer for its own servers, and also for its third party partners, affiliates, advertisers, and other third party entities. You agree that on the basis of these cookies, or any of your personal information, collected or otherwise, the site or the Company, or its third party partners, affiliates, or advertisers can send you tailor made offers or promotions.

You also hereby authorize the Company to store you user information, and behavioral information regarding your usage of the website, which can be comprised of, but are not limited to your browser used, ip address, length of stay, navigation patterns, landing pages visited. If you provided any personal information to the site or the Company concerning a third party entity, then you are required to show them these terms and conditions, and privacy policy, and also to acquire from them their consent to the same. You hereby acknowledge and agree for the Company to have the ability to disclose information pertaining to your marketing demographics, or even your information which can be considered as personal identifiers, which may include but are not limited to your personal background, health, criminal record, gender, organizations joined, schools, job history, ethnicity, and other similar information to its third party partners, affiliates, advertisers, or even law enforcement.

For the protection of the Company, you hereby agree to provide the site and the Company a non-exclusive, worldwide, free and irrevocable license to utilize your copyrights, intellectual property rights, or any information which you may have provided, in whatever format, to the site. You hereby agree that the Company has the complete authorization to use this information as it sees fit. You hereby warrant that you own the intellectual property to these provided information, and that you won’t provide obscene, defamatory, or any illegal information.

Depending on your settings, your privacy in relation to other members of the site will be dependent on the settings which you choose for your privacy details.

For payment purposes, you also acknowledge and agree for the site to collect your banking details, income, credit card information, contact details, addresses, emails, names, and other analogous personal information, and also to store this information on its website database and servers.

By using this website, you hereby agree to release the Company, or its third party partners or affiliates, from any liability, threatened or otherwise, which may arise from the utilization or gathering of your personal information.


For your convenience, the Company may choose to place links in its site or services. Since the target of these links are third party sites, you hereby agree that these sites are beyond the Company’s control. You hereby release the Company for any harm, danger, or liability which you might encounter as a result of using such links.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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